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This bulb kit includes 24 bulbs for your dash gauges, console gauges, and shifter plate. With lights a vailable in red, white, or blue, your Corvette will look completely updated using new modern LED lighting with increased visibility and luminosity. This stunning upgrade is sure to get your classic car noticed when on the road or at shows. You'll also be able to see the important information you need about your car's performance from telemetry to oil pressure.

c3 corvette light bulb chart

To install these bulbs behind your gauges, just remove the section and replace the bulbs. If your C3 Corvette dashboard lights are not bright, then you can quickly fix that with modern LED lightings.

Their brilliant glow will help you see everything on your dash console and shifter. LEDs also consume less power than older vehicle light bulb types and are more efficient with your battery. You'll enjoy less heat, more output, and better battery performance.

Please select which year your C3 is and which LED color you would like in the drop- down menus above. You can get a - Corvette dash light kit, a special kit, or one for - Corvettes. Call us to get expert advice and service from fellow Corvette and vehicle lighting enthusiasts. Review this item. Add to Wish List. Email a friend. Corvette Mods Reviews.

Availability: Status: Available. C3 Corvette Model Year? LED Color Selection? White Red Blue. Quantity Add to Cart. Learn More.The C3 Corvette would sell spectacularly well and could be a fun and exciting sports car. But European buyers attracted by the shape may well do a double-take at a far-from-tiny two-seater built into the s without an opening bootlid, as well as with a separate chassis sitting on transverse leaf spring rear suspension.

The late C3 gained a hatch, but Chevrolet persists with transverse leaf in clever composite form to this day. Many later cars have since been uprated, however, or can be if you so desire. Big-blocks are the most sought-after in the USA, but in Europe — where fuel is costlier and roads are twistier — they can be a handful. A well-tuned small-block can match their performance while delivering a much more forgiving ride. Though in some ways the Corvette may seem primitive, it had its share of innovative features.

For the buyer, the shell and chassis are the biggest cost factors. Glassfibre bodywork may not rust, but it can suffer all kinds of damage. Remove trim panels where possible to check, and feel inside the chassis legs.

Fixing a seriously corroded structure will inevitably lead to a massive bill. Check also that the car and its panels sit square and well-aligned — if not, it may be distorted from collision damage. Never buy unseen unless you can send a trusted expert to check a car — Corvette forums can help you to find a local guru.

Hydraulic tappets were fitted on all but top-spec big-block and LT-1 engines.

Replacement Bulb Chart

Check for smoke on start-up when revved, indicating wear — if it goes away when warm, it may just be valve seals. Inspect for oil leaks, many of which may mean engine-out to fix, especially from the rear crank seal. This car has a much later injected V8. Look for oil in coolant indicating head-gasket issues, and for leaks.

Headlight Relay Install on C3 Corvette By Corvette Hop

Cooling was marginal on big-blocks: a good radiator core and healthy shroud for fans help. Make sure automatics kick down swiftly and change gear smoothly.

The manual shift should be light and precise: feel for jumping out of gear and weak synchros. Worn steering shows up as a shimmy and reluctance to self-centre. Check bushes for wear, dampers for weakness, calipers for leaking and tyres for age.We replaced every bulb, from the corner marker lights to the gauges, with LEDs.

The only negative to the reduced current draw of LEDs is the effect it has on the factory flasher units, which depend upon thermal load in order to work. Since the load resistor reduces the benefit in current reduction offered by the LED, the LED flasher unit seemed preferable, so we ordered the three flashers from Corvette America and installed those when we ran the dash harness.

It was as simple as plugging them in and connecting the included ground wire. While there are many sources for retrofit bulbs, there are fairly strict rules that govern things like output at a variety of angles and effective lit area, and the ones recently introduced by Philips under its Vision LED line are some of the very few legitimate retrofit LEDs.

Although several companies offer a complete taillight unit that uses a cluster of LEDs contained in a single, factory-like housing, we chose the Philips option because it was simpler and let us keep the factory lens and appearance.

We ordered two pair for the tail and brake lights, and installing them was as simple as unscrewing the red plastic lenses, unplugging the bayonet-style backup and stop bulbs, and replacing them with the Philips units.

The headlights required a bit more to install. We reached out to lighting consultant Daniel Stern to explore available options and selected an H1 halogen conversion using a Hella Bifocal housing for the low beam and a similar Cibie parabolic housing for the high beam.

The wiring, however, was simple. Basically, for both high and low beams, the female factory plug provides the ground and trigger wire that operate a relay that delivers the power, via gauge wires, from the relay to the lights, keeping the heavy amperage required to run the lights out of the passenger compartment, where it usually runs through the light switch itself. And with that, after several months of wiring Scarlett, we lay aside our crimpers for a welding torch. We started our lighting upgrade with the Cibie driving lights we installed a couple years ago.

While they worked fine, the bulb holder is powered by what appears to be gauge wire, which is relatively small-gauge. We upgraded it to gauge and added a Weatherpack connector so they can be removed and reinstalled more easily. We upgraded the front turn signals with a switchback LED sourced from Autolumination. With the parking lights on, the switchback LED projects a white light, giving you a little more light on the road and making sure oncoming traffic sees you, but switches to flashing yellow when the turn signals are activated.

Philips makes some of the only legit factory replacement LEDs that meet all applicable standards for automotive use, and we used them for the tail and backup lights, ordering red and white LEDs, respectively.

Although there are units available that replace the entire taillight housing with multiple LEDs, using the Philips LEDs is as simple as changing any other bulb. Our goal was to change every filament bulb in the car over to LED for reduced power draw and maintenanceand that included the dash bulbs.

There are two sets of screws here: the round-headed screws that hold the trim ring, and the flat ones just to the side that hold the mounting cups and adjust headlight aiming. Here are the retaining cups that hold the lights, along with their plugs. We ordered housings, bulbs, and wiring components from Daniel Stern. Among the parts is this plug, which comes in component form and plugs into the female factory headlight plug.Headlight Size. Select year If you often drive your Chevy Corvette car at night or in extreme weather conditions, you will surely appreciate headlights that are designed to illuminate the road ahead and make your car more conspicuous while on the road.

The best headlight bulbs are not only functional but will also enhance the aesthetic value of your vehicle. Whatever Chevy lighting bulbs you are looking for, be sure that the market has the right product for you. When it comes to your Chevy Corvette vehicle, you want OEM or aftermarket products and parts from only trusted and renowned brands. The reasons for upgrading your lighting bulbs may vary, but mainly it is to deliver better driving light at a lower cost.

With LED bulbs, you will save financially and will avoid energy wastage. With safety being a paramount concern for every road user, taking advantage of brighter and clearer road conditions is a no-brainer. LED bulbs and Xenon lights utilize more efficient technology than halogen or incandescent bulbs and this is why it is wise to switch to more advanced lighting systems.

c3 corvette light bulb chart

Replacing both headlight bulbs is not necessary. However, there are many advantages of renewing or upgrading all your bulbs at the same time. One reason for changing all the headlights at the same time is that you do not allow both headlamps to go dark. Although most vehicles have more than one headlight, the secondary headlamps cannot carry a full-beam when driving at night.

This is why installing both headlamps is important even if just one goes out. Replacing or upgrading your lighting system can be quite a challenge if you do not know the correct bulb size. Many Chevy Corvette owners may be confused with the huge number of bulbs in different sizes and brands. This is why a light bulb chart provides an important point of reference when carrying out upgrades or replacement of your lighting bulbs. Check out this Chevy Corvette bulb size guide below to help you make an informed decision.

Whenever your Chevy Corvette headlight lamps or other lighting bulbs get burned out or broken you must replace them as quickly as possible. This will guarantee your safety and that of your passengers and other road users. Furthermore, you can upgrade your lighting bulbs to give your vehicle a trendy and fashionable look.

LED headlights are the perfect upgrade that will enhance the look of your Chevy Corvette ride and serve you on the road for many years without fail. Consultant in the area of automotive lighting solutions.

Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy.Driving a fast car at night can be exhilarating, but also risky. Even newer halogen replacement headlights limit the distance that you can illuminate the road ahead.

In this article we are going to examine the different options and discuss what alternatives make sense and why they are better. This concept was introduced in Two lamps dedicated to the low beam setting, with two for high beam where all four are illuminated on high beam setting only. From a spectral viewpoint the light they cast is yellowish because of the temperature of the filament when energized.

The next brake through was the introduction of tungsten halogen lamps in The light they cast is yellow-white. The use of inert gas like iodine or bromine inside the lamp instead of just a vacuum helped in three important ways:.

Another version of halogen lamps is Xenon halogen headlights. These are filled with Xenon gas and produce a distinctive blue hue when illuminated. They typically last longer, and have higher light output at a given current. These should not be confused with Xenon HID lamps which run on AC current and require special electronics including a ballast to function. An important factor in making any lamp brighter is current.

Because of the limitation of the standard wiring on the C3, just changing bulbs will not affect brightness — and your ability to see at night — as much as you would hope.

That is because the wire gauge used in the stock harness is sized for the old standard tungsten filaments and therefore limits the current because of the voltage drop which can be sourced to the headlamps.

A drop of as little as1. In addition all of this current is routed through the headlight switch on the dash instead of a heavy duty relay which most modern lighting systems employ. So if you are like a lot of performance drivers you really want to see a long distance on those dark roadways while moving along at a good pace.

Something needs to be done to improve the view beyond just switching to halogen bulbs. This system provides a heavy 12 gauge harness and relay system with a huge 8 gauge wire from the alternator. This accomplishes several things:. Much more current to the headlamps than is possible with a stock harness. You can actually melt the wires and harness connectors if you just stick really bright bulbs in a stock harness. Drastically reduces the current through the dash mounted headlight switch.

The gets pretty toasty with brighter bulbs. You wont believe what these blue white search lights will do on a dark road. For safety and high performance, switching to the NeverNight harness and Xenon lamps will greatly enhance your ability to see where you are driving especially on a dark, moonless night.

Installation is simple and can be accomplished in an hour or so with ordinary hand tools, and no hacking or splicing your stock wiring. It can all be returned to stock if you choose to do so — but why?This website uses cookies to offer you certain services and to enhance your user experience.

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C3 Corvette 1968-1982 Complete Dash/Console Led Upgrade Kit

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Make sure you have the right product by selecting your vehicle note if needed. Select a Brand to view product info. Sorry, we couldn't find anything with that part number. Submit Feedback. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.After many years of walking car shows we have seen it all, ranging from incredible builds with amazing attention to detail to the ragged originals, and everything in between. Through the years we have noticed several key areas many enthusiasts ignore and it often reflects poorly on the whole car.

One such area is the gauges. Few things are more important inside a car than the gauges; after all, you will be looking at them every time you drive the car. Fresh gauge faces and accurate readings make a world of difference to the overall driving experience.

The car spent most of its life in sunny Arizona and the interior had plenty of sun damage to prove it. While the seats went a long way to freshening the interior, they looked so good the instrument panels appeared that much worse for wear.

Happily, the solution is as simple as visiting the Classic Instruments website and perusing their offerings. Since they also do custom work, the actual finished product is limited only by your imagination. Choosing custom colors, fonts and pointers is a great way to personalize your Corvette. This is also one of those projects that should be started early in the restoration process since you must allow time for a busy shop like Classic Instruments to complete the renewal of all your gauges.

c3 corvette light bulb chart

By planning ahead, the gauges will be on the shelf waiting to be installed with the rest of the dash components Corvette Central and wiring American Autowire. Our Corvette is a non—numbers-matching car so it is being built as a hot rod. To that end, we decided to go the custom route with the final objective of testing people memories. One other major change is the transmission.

The car was originally equipped with a TH automatic. We decided mixing gears is more fun, so to that end we added a TREMEC five-speed transmission that was custom built by American Powertrain so the shifter will be in the stock location.

It all worked out beautifully. Once we had a good idea of how we wanted the instrument panel to look we placed a call to Classic Instruments to discuss the project. The speedometer and tachometer would be refinished in the factory design but with modified ranges, the tachometer would go to an optimistic 8, rpm, while the speedometer would add some visual performance potential by pegging out at mph. Not hardly, but we must admit the big numbers add a performance vibe to the interior.

It should be mentioned that the redline on the tach is marked at a realistic 6, rpm while the final top speed will be controlled by the final gear ratio, driving conditions, and good old common sense. The combination of 47 years and the high temperatures of the Arizona desert will fade the faces, make the plastic brittle and fog the lenses. After some discussion, Editor Brennan who also suffers from being brittle, has foggy lenses, and a faded face decided to go with factory appearance, big gauges.

He then decided to add a splash of chrome plating on the bezels of the small gauges. The chrome rings are vintage enough to almost convince people it was a factory option. By using black faces with red pointers, the traditional look continues. The process on our end was really quite simple. We removed the original gauges and carefully boxed them up and shipped them off to Classic Instruments. Upon arrival, the gauges were carefully examined by the craftsman at Classic Instruments and after a phone conversation we agreed on the estimated price.

We discussed the desired work one last time before design work began. We reviewed the design and signed off on the work. After that it was a simple waiting game and soon enough the big brown truck backed up to the door at Hot Rods by Dean with a box full of very fresh gauges. The team at Classic Instruments employ a lot of very high-tech equipment to produce great looking, incredibly accurate gauges.

Fitting the modern gauge movements in the stock location is their specialty and when we received the new gauges they fit like a glove; looked better than new because we really like our subtle design changes and came complete with senders, instructions, a custom wiring diagram just for our installation, and they even returned our old unused pieces.

With that thought in mind we followed along as our gauges were dismantled and replaced with new units. You may be surprised to see this very technical process and to see how few parts of the original gauges are actually reused. Installation in our dashboard proved to be even easier than a factory installation since the Classic Instruments center console panel came prewired. It was a simple matter of wiring to the panel and plugging in the gauges.

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